Ewanna for businesses

If you are a business or you want to rent a big amount of items in ewanna (more than you could have in your wardrobe), you must register as a business

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How does ewanna boost your business?

1. Easily upload your items

Our sales team will guide you the best possible way in our platform to upload all your stock very quickly and easily

2. Attract new clients

Our platform will help your business grow and position it, with reviews, answer time, featured products and word of mouth.

3. Automate and improve logistics

A system that makes relationship with each client easier, updates the rent status and organized the calendar with the dates of each rent.

Ewanna mobile

Do you need to know something else?

1. Requirements for your business

To rent something in ewanna as business you need to have a registered business.

2. Data to create your account

For now, the best is to contact our sales team at ventas@ewanna.es and they will guide you on the process.

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